Rehab For Quitters are synonymous with beer-swigging, whiskey-soaked good times and ol’ fashioned rock ‘n’ roll debauchery. With their unique brand of high-energy punk-encrusted rock and their slicked back 1950’s flair, they’ve rightfully earned this fist-pumping reputation.

From their debut album “Ladies And Gentlemen... Rehab For Quitters” (iTunes, Bandcamp) to their newest release “No Hyperbole” (iTunes, Bandcamp), Rehab For Quitters have captured the fury and attitude of their legendary live shows on record with songs that take you to that place where rock 'n' roll reigns supreme; the soundtrack to your next questionable night (that you love to half-remember)!

From their home base in Toronto, to stops throughout Canada, the US and Australia, the hard-hitting Rehab For Quitters have amassed an impressive fan base and have shared the stage with legendary acts such as The Misfits, The Dickies, Agent Orange, The Mahones, Reagan Youth and Dayglo Abortions, to name only a few. Drawing inspiration from everything from Motorhead to The Belmonts, RFQ continue to stand alone through their originality and highly addictive balls-to-the-wall live shows.

Lock up your daughters and hide your booze because Rehab For Quitters are coming...and your town just might be next!


Dan Lobalsamo - Lead Guitar & Vocals
Dickey - Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vox
Jordan Sane - Bass & Backing Vox
Elena Red - Drums



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